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Calco has four main categories of products. These are Sprouts, Noodles, Fresh-Cut Vegetables, and Frozen Dim Sum.


The term "Bean Sprouts" is usually associated with mung bean sprout. They have small light yellow leaves, a silvery white shoot, and a root that may be slightly darkened. Beansprouts have a subtle nutty flavor. They possess a high water content which makes them very juicy. We grow sprouts in our plant year round. Beansprouts are a good source of protein and Vitamin C.

When purchasing bean sprouts, look for firm and white shoots.

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Calco makes varities of Chinese Noodles. From Steamed Eggs Noodles, Shanghai Noodles, Wonton Wrappers, and many more... We makes noodles daily so it is always fresh. We supply our noodles acrose the country for retail and wholesale.

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Calco has been pre-cutting vegetables for retail stores and wholesales services. We cut and mixed vegetables for stir-fry, salad, and custom pack sliced, diced or shredded vegetables for Food industry. So you will have all the ingredients ready for your creation without wasting raw materials, time, and save labour cost.

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Calco make various type of Dim-Sums. And we will continune to add more items in the future. All our Dim-Sums use the freshest indgredients. So it tastes greate and juices. It is so easy to prepare for your party platters with a touch of Dim-Sum.

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