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Welcome to Calco. Thank you for visting us at Calco. Our mission is to produce quality products that are modern and contempory with focus on greate taste, quality, and healthy eating. We have been in business for over 20 years.

Calco produce the highest quality of sprouts in Alberta. From mung bean sprouts(Bean Sprouts), Soya Sprouts to Latile Sprouts. We have been growing sprouts for over 20 years. Please check out our recipe section on how to serve and cook sprouts. You will be superise on how easy it is to add sprouts to your regular diet.

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Calco makes varities of Chinese Noodles. From Steamed Eggs Noodles, Shanghai(Udon/Yakasoba) Noodles, Wonton Wrappers, and many more... We makes noodles daily so it is always fresh. We supply our noodles acrose the country for retail and wholesale.

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Calco has been pre-cutting vegetables for retail stores and wholesales services. We cut and mixed vegetables for stir-fry, salad, and custom pack sliced, diced or shredded vegetables for Food industry. So you will have all the ingredients ready for your creation without wasting raw materials, time, and save labour cost.

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Calco produces the highest quality of Chinese Dim Sums. We use the freshest ingredients for our dumplings and spring rolls. It is mouth watering and delicious for your party patters.

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